About Madeleine

Madeleine Kohnen is a 27 year old wife and mother of 2.  She started writing in 7th grade when she joined the Power of the Pen and wrote a couple fiction pieces about unicorns. Shockingly, those pieces were never picked up by publishers (I mean do those people even know what they’re looking for?)

ANYWAY. She went on to graduate college from the University of Cincinnati. While in college, she took a fictional writing class and pretty much slayed the game. She wrote a 54 page short story about a girl who was dead but still could communicate with her family. It was kinda dark, but still pretty funny somehow (Madeleine likes think that’s also a good way to describe her personality).  Her peers reviewed the short story, saying things like: “idk it mostly made sense” and “I read this while I ate a Totino’s party pizza and like it was pretty good”. So, yeah. She killed it.

After college, Madeleine married her high school sweetheart, Mike. He’s a pretty neat dude. He’s been to Afghanistan, where he dismantled bombs and walked through mine fields and dramatically ran away from explosions like that scene in every Tom Cruise movie (actually a lot of that is true. she married a Badass, friends). A year into marriage, they decided to throw caution to the wind and have their first baby. And then a year after that, they kinda accidentally threw caution to the wind and ended up with their second baby. They’re fine now, but things were a little stressful for a minute there.

Madeleine has spent the past 5 years being a self-proclaimed “dandelion puff in the wind”, which really just means she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life so she’s kinda trying a bunch of stuff out. The only thing that has stayed constant in all that time has been writing. From her Power of the Pen days, to her mediocre college writing career, to now- she has always found writing the best form of self expression. She hopes someday to be a published author (but she will never admit that out loud because that’s super scary and like, who the heck is she to ever have anything published).

Madeleine now lives in Cumming, GA (an unfortunately named town about an hour north of Atlanta) surrounded by trees, just the way she likes it. She spends most of her days changing diapers, shouting “stop barking” at her two dogs and having really long phone conversations with her best friends. Her hobbies include writing, watching every Jenna Marbles video ever created, working out, and watching movies with her badass high school sweetheart husband. She’s living the dream, friends.

Anyway- she’s glad you’re here. Also she wrote all of this because she’s not important enough (yet) to have someone else write her bio. Thanks for sticking around and reading some of her (my) stuff. She (I) appreciates it.