Are you a puff?

You might be wondering, am a dandelion puff? How does one know if she/he is a dandelion puff? Well, ponder no more, friend. I’m here to tell you… you might just be a dandelion puff if:


You don’t like to do one thing for too long. You can definitely do stuff. You have skills. But the problem is, you have a lot of skills and you’re not sure which ones you want to use at any given time.

You really don’t enjoy being told what to do. It’s not that you have a problem with authority. It’s more like you have a problem with not being the authority in any given situation. You would rather be your own boss because rules are kinda… ew.

You get really attached to people, not places or things. You love connection. Deep connection. When you find a good friend, you are all in. Sometimes this sucks because not everyone is like this. But it’s okay because you can love people from afar if you have to.

On that note, you hate small talk. It hurts your brain and makes your soul sad. You would rather talk about literally anything than the weather or other inconsequential topics. When forced to participate in small talk, your mind tends to wander and you end up thinking about whether or not penguins have knees (which, yes, they do.)

If you wrote all your previous jobs down, the list would be shocking. Not shocking to you, because that’s the only way you know how to live, but shocking to other, less floaty people. You don’t really care because you count it all as life experience.

You love collecting memories. You love trying new things. You love being able to say “I’ve done that” or “I’ve been there”. You prioritize new over routine and you hate anything that feels repetitive.

You often think “what am I doing with my life”. And not really in a scary way. More like it’s kinda fun to not know exactly where I’ll be 5 years from now. That thought would scare the shit out of other people, but for you it’s fun to think about the possibilities of the unknown.

You say things like “God is in control” or “It’ll all work out” more than other people. And you genuinely believe it. Most of the time. Other times you might eat a pint of ben and jerry’s ice cream when you’re on a no-sugar diet and quietly cry because it’s really hard to be so laid back all the time. It’s about balance.


Does any of that sound like you? Weeellll then. You just might be a fellow dandelion puff. You should be proud. We are a unique breed. We keep things fun, and we scare our parents with our laid back, “it’ll be fine” attitude. Be proud of who you are, and don’t let other, more “rooted” people, tell you that you can’t survive as a dandelion puff. You absolutely can survive- even more than that, you can thrive! It’s all about how you look at things. Life is all about perspective. Embrace the float.